The amount of power transferable is still rather limited. Dear Hack a day writers: Can this be configured as a part of the serial configuration? This is a very nice setup and designed well. This can easily be found in the datasheet.

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Failure to linhx this will result in lot of communication errors in a noisy environment. So where to start then? This is what datasheets are for.

MAX SPI UART with RS/RS on MBED | Mbed

In reality, since limux is using cat5 cable, he could implement RS instead, which would allow for full duplex and reduce collisions. Every packet ends with the address again. Where is the serial driver source? Can I kick off some timer and check for the completion of the transmission?

RS-485 node control for Arduino

P is an free and open network protocol. There are a few ,ax3140 things about this. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It doesn’t work when trying to extract data from linix slave because of the turn-around time and the immediate possibility that data coming back will gradually become out-of-sync with the forward going clock signal over longer and longer distances.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. The maxx family of chips even support already, so it would only take a board revision or some jumper wires to change it. I see they have a Modbus library for Arduino: It uses a MAX chip, a pair of RJ45 jacks for Ethernet cables, and two terminal blocks for power and communications.

And it is probably not the best solution for long distances. The amount of power transferable is still rather limited. Adding POE would make this really awesome.

68hc12 | MAX SPI UART Driver

In order to get the second alternative to work I’d realy like to have two different interrupt sources for the TX-module. This can be the direction control signal for the to UART liinux whichever one you use.

What i want to know if the below structure work out same since not specified on datasheet using the IC vice-versa also, 2 RS to SPI. But I don’t know how to enable it.


RS is a 3 wire serial link. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: A diagram would be best, but wiring is as follows: Will come back to you on that. Did i get the gist of using these IC right? I also believe adding POE in the future would even add to the beauty of this design. This can easily be found in the datasheet. RS Fri Aug 24, 3: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

MAX3140 SPI UART Driver

RS Thu Feb 14, 7: In fact he is using http: Learn how your comment data is processed. It adds a dc bias to one of the pairs. RS Tue Aug 21, 7: