To enable the academy to utilise the new theatre for its end of term BTEC assessed student productions, A. But, when I try to insert Mini Console device on the show, I just can’t find it on my list. There will no doubt be others that will recomend more. Posted 26 January – Delete From Topic The post will be removed from this topic completely. It will connect every software such as MagicQ, Compulite Vector

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They showed support and endless patience as the students and staff learned the technology. But, when I try to insert Mini Console device on the visya, I just can’t find it on my list. On stage a symphonic wind band of musicians is augmented as required throughout the show by a piece fanfare team, a Corps of Drums, or various soloists or instrumental groups, all serving members of the Royal Marines Band Service.

It should then work. Assist Supply Install Our team of experienced project managers handle all aspects of your project, vistw the initial design concept through to the finished installation and aftersales support Find Out More. Thanks in advance, Alex.

Posted 03 February – You cannot connect a demo version.

Design and Installation of Sidney Stringer Academy’s Drama Studio

I havnt been able to get this too work on just a single laptop yet but two works well. Jands Vista software and Wyg will work on the same PC.


Posted 02 February – The thing is, I tried to control a show live using mini-console. Delete From Topic The post will be removed from this topic completely. Special Projects worked to a very tight deadline to deliver the system design, through to installation in five weeks.

The work carried out by A. In the vista patch option, select whichever universe you need and select the wyg port you bound your universe to.

I’m slowly learning the basics, but I still have a problem. Special Projects, their advice and support throughout the theatre project, was crucial to its success. Blue Room technical forum: Blue Room Technical Forums Limited.

Schools Sidney Stringer Academy, Coventry. I’m really just looking for way to virtually control moving fixtures live rather than just create multiple fixed lighting states like you can do normally in WYSIWYG. The lighting inventory jandw year consisted of some fixtures including some moving heads all but eight coming from the Clay Paky stable supplied either by DBN Lighting Ltd, Manchester or from Royal Albert Hall stock.

I was wondering if there are any good offline-editors or other kind of virtual console I could use to send DMX data to WYSIWYG wysiwhg virtually run and visualise shows without the need for any kind of physical console?


The academy now has one of the most technically equipped theatre facilities in the country.

Tutorial Connect Jands Vista and Wysiwyg

Starting with an empty shell and power feed, the company specified the entire lighting, rigging, audio and AV products inventory for the theatre. Special Projects also supplied various equipment for a separate drama rehearsal space within the academy.

Music performed includes classical to wsiwyg, big band to jazz, as well as the traditional fare of marches and, of course, a rousing patriotic finale. To facilitate the most efficient use of the space, A. Jqnds designer Mark Jones. This is a full-on, in-your-face production!

WYSIWYG and Jands VIsta | CAST Forum

ToshiBoy, on 25 Jan2: If you visualize a stroll in the park on a Sunday afternoon to the accompaniment of a Strauss waltz or a parade with a band at its head than you would be well wide of the mark. Board –Blue Room IP.

Contact our team info acspecialprojects.