I think that you were trying to install an application or something, but instead of using Synaptic, you downloaded the source package. The needed patch isn’t available from Linuxant anymore. The following PCI modem devices are recognized by the driver: This page has been accessed 89, times. You might have to type “cd Desktop” first, without quotes. I’ve searched for conexant and makefule while in Synaptic?

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DialupModemHowto/Conexant – Community Help Wiki

Anyways, please please help – below is the modem info. So to install cobexant stuff, from the conexanr line, do a sudo ‘apt-get install build-essential’ which should take care of the compiler, etc, and you’ll also need the kernel source – have a look in Synaptic While Ubuntu will go on the net hooked up to my DSL line, we can’t get it to work with dial up – which is necessary as when my uncle takes the computer home because he doesn’t have dial up.

You may not be able to get to this directly The read me file says to see installation instructions in the instruction file Below is what comes up when I double click the instruction file What exactly do I do to install this? The following modems, available in some ThinkPad models, use the Conexant HSF softmodem chip, cohexant require an appropriate driver: If it has the little switches on the back, set 3, 5, and cnoexant down.


HSF (softmodem) driver

First I need to identify what chipset the dialup modem is using. Local Linux experts can be found through: It offers free limited evaluation at Occassionally responses are blocked by an Internet Provider mail filters.

I’ve used the Conexant driver in the very dim past, and from what I can remember, if a pre-built driver isn’t available for your particular running kernel, the installer needs to build a driver There are several programs in the Linux world that tell the modem to dial. I clicked on the downloads section, then had to pass through a license agreement page to get to that url.

The following PCI modem devices are recognized by the driver: We’ve had to take many steps in a list and are stuck here. How do I determine this? If compiling is necessary packages must be installed, providing: With Dapper, once the modem had been configured and enabled, and I’d placed the Modem Monitor applet in the top panel, it was just a matter of clicking on the Modem Monitor and clicking “Connect”.

Conexant HSF Modem (Windows XP)

In doing so, this is on the desktop. Conexant does not provide drivers for Linux, but commercial Linux drivers are available from Linuxant, a separate company. R52 R51 T43 Z60m Fedora. The ultimate situation in my opinon is for the modem to dial up when firefox or evolution is launched. It does not support voice or telephony features. Thanks for the link, oilchangeguy. You could post the details of what the instructions says and at what point you got stuck then maybe I can lend you a hand If you upgrade ALSA beyond the version supported in the Linuxant-based driver code including the oem distributed by Dellthe hsfmodem drivers will fail and your sound will most likely break.


When we clicked on the file on Ubuntu it was simply text. You need a full hardware external modem.

I see a bunch of code in terminal if I simply double click ScanModem. Unless I am mistaken about what you want.

Hi, OK, let’s try and prevent you from having to go back to Windows! Select type of offense: I burned that file to a cd on the mac and took it to the Ubuntu machine. These drivers can be downloaded from the following addresses: The method you have chosen is the most difficult!

I downloaded kppp and can force it to use the dial up modem!