Motorola has a winner here. I had 2 laptops, 2 chromecasts, 1 tablet, 1 wifi extender, 2 cellphones, and a wireless printer associated with the router. There are two kinds of wireless gateways. The only way it would reconnect is if you power cycled the router, it would somehow remember its connection to the device. A heat sink is on the main processor, 3 thermal sinks on the radios and chip undetermined. I have had mine for two months with no issues.

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I was having issues getting a wifi signal throughout my square foot home and out in the yard utilizing the Motorola Surfboard Gateway, of which I have had several models over the years.

The chromecasts and wireless printer couldn’t be used since it kept losing connection. All devices connected, and have had no issues with dropping signal. I couldn’t connect to my WiFi network so after all else failed, I reset my Airport Extreme and then it worked like a champ. I liked the idea of an all in one combo, gatewau since the SBG was dual-band I figured it should work great. So I’ve settled on a shorter admin password. This way, if we have any issues with the furnace, or underside heater, we’re made aware of it quickly, as we are only up there a couple times a month.


It only stayed connected for at least a jx6442.

I asked if this doesn’t work, what is the next step. Retrieved NovemberAvailable: I was very impressed by its reception range and speed of the router.

Motorola wireelss a winner here.

WiFi Gateway

We were rated for a max download speed of 75 Mbps, and a max upload speed of 10 Mbps. The more complex kind has a built-in modem to connect to the internet without needing another device. Views Read Edit View history. This is a better modem with solid WiFi that will quickly pay for itself. Set up was very easy, the range is excellent, 2.

BUT that is where all the good things ended.

Wireless gateway – Wikipedia

I can sit all the way out by the street and watch my girls ride their scooters while I surf and shop on Amazon. This refurbished unit is great: With the Arris I never hit anything over 32 Mbps unless it was 3: Setup via the software wireelss was a breeze. Then I plugged in my Airport Extreme. It was super easy. It showed up today opened box connected cables from old modem firstthen plugged the power in.


The LED’s are a pleasant brightness. Full Wifi signal strength throughout the house. Modem boots in 30 seconds or less. Some available brands in the market are MotorolaNetgearand linksys.

Typical Docsis modems take mins to boot. My new speed tests on the 3rd floor next to the router gateay about 70 to 80 down I’ve logged an issue with Motorola, presumably this issue can be easily corrected with a firmware update.

It has a wired connection to the internet service provider ISPat least one jack port for the LAN usually four jacks and an antenna for wireless users. The Signal to Noise is which is amazing. Retrieved November, Available: