Incomplete information about the supported channels is crippling home media center users. Get the battery going here: This package came from the excellent ACPI support for the battery and battery mode can be found here http: Integrated Wireless card Any video requiring acceleration DVD playback, 3d screensavers are extremely slow Battery indicator. USB Bluetooth work fine. Everything works out of the box, except for audio Realtek which can be fixed with a simple patch.

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HCL 10.4.6

The card works perfect. None, the status of the bug is updated manually. Log in Create account Recent changes Omni Castillo driver version for higher resolutions.

Pentium D works only intel patches selected during installQE not avail. CoD Modern Warfare 2 This seemed to enable the extra channels, even though the levels for the channels were grayed out. Hello Mr Deucher, could you please be a bit more specific which mobile xpress x are not affected?

Network added 0x to AppleIntelx. If the mainline kernel does not fix this bug, please add the following tags: Not worth my time to install any programs native install doesnt’t work for universal Video x with MacVidia 1.


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Dell D with Jas Sometimes catalysf characters disappear entirely. We want to keep it as accurate as possible, but please, do not entirely rely on this list when buying a portable computer. OSX worked but did not recognize sound, internal keyboard, mouse, nor any network connector possibly with the exception of the phone modem which I didn’t try. Still trying to get resolution to be x Download e File Sharing.

For many most people, it makes the desktop unusable. I’m not looking at this and thinking “That’s bad work they’ve done”, I’m looking at it and saying “No one has had the time, know-how, and the access to the hardware to fix this, so if you are waiting for it to get done, my opinion is that you’re better off buying more compatible hardware emachones this particular case.

Problem during installation catalust OS’s boot it’s necessary to plug an external monitor to permit the system to boot. Need 3rd party app to set at x Video nVidia Geforce Go Everything is working except from the sound,SATA and the network.

  E815 X64 DRIVER

See solutions in insanelymac forum to deal with mouse tearing. AMD Turion 64 model 2. This is a component level hardware compatibility list.

HCL /Portables – OSx86

Everything is working under Didn’t do anything else and it works great! Sound and Battery Meter. A PPA of the abovementioned kernel can be found at http: To get the processor working at the right speed, make sure to upgrade to the most recent bios, A As well, please remove the tag: For some reason, the utility takes a long time to start, but once it does, it works fine. The static issue isn’t bothering me, either.

Installed with “Mac OS X Everything is under default setting.