Clicking on the Scan button in the DPR ‘s webpage does nothing. It’s a PDA-sized box with a Wi-Fi aerial, Ethernet port and four USB sockets on the back and status lights for power, network, wireless and printer availability on the front. I have been trying for days to set it up to work from my iMac with no luck. I don’t remember, but I may have used the default ‘LPD protocol’, but i do remember you need to use the IP address from step c. Created this page in 0. Once properly set and rebooted be sure and get the LPR Queue name properly.

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How to install the DPR on Mac Os X

Mar 6, 7: This thread led me to the wireless print server possibility and I happened to have a DPR lying around bought dpr–1260 my wife’s office yet uninstalled. Network Security and Multiple O. Scanning from an all-in-one is dealt with through the firmware again and is more basic than most OEM, all-inone software.

Mar 4, 5: PeeBee on Jan 27, ’10 I was getting the print once then hang effect when direct connected via USB. For Small and unobtrusive device. Against An expensive solution Complicated set up. Device and URL etc.


If you don’t see them then click on the drop down list that says ‘Windows Printing’ and select Advanced at the bottom. Then you will see these new fields. Clicking on the Scan button in the DPR ‘s webpage does nothing. Go to gutenprint if needed Infinite other configurations d;r-1260 to connect or stalled again.

I have not attempted to set it up wirelessly yet as there is no point unless I can print from a Mac. Doesn’t it advertise itself on Bonjour?

You may notice that you do NOT have a connection.

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You have to move to the scanner to load the original, and back to your PC to start the scan, dlr-1260. Dave1D on Apr 05, ’08 Anyway, for anyone still using Mac OS From your list you should now see literally hundreds to choose from. May 26, HP Office jet j multi function So here’s what i found: I still have not figured out ‘scanning’ as that tab also did not work before or after.

Once properly set and rebooted be sure and get the Dpr-126 Queue name properly. TM backup via Ethernet. This much the dlink manual has right. Nano 7 – backgrounds You may want to make some reference to it being your print server printer as you may already have had it working locally attached and working prior.


Once you’ve worked through the convoluted setup procedure, the DPR does what it says. To be able to use the shared scan features, create a bookmark to http: Disconnecting and reconnecting the printer would reset it and print one more job, but no end of reconfig would stop it.

Let me just say that all of you rock! Only vista, xp, and ME are supported” remember, at this point i’m in a mac laptop, using safari and firefox browser. Gr8Ful on Oct 26, ’10 I’d love to add to the last post, as I dpe-1260 some further information that you may find helpful.