This is becase it would mean the powerline signal would have to go though your electrical junction box to get from your downstars mains ring to your upstaris one. Debian User Forums Skip to content. If you don’t have internet in the moment you follow these steps thing that happened me you should install the extra packages from a full Debian distribution, I think that all the necessary packages are in the Binary-1 Etch DVD. Select all mkdir rt61 Code: I tried to use the Win7x64 driver but some reason it doesnt work.

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I know this is due to my wifi card, because I already faced this problem when I was using Antergos. Open a terminal and do Code: You should upvote the linked answer if it has helped you. Before it had some.

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Cell 01 – Address: This is becase it would mean the powerline signal would have to go though your electrical junction box to get from your downstars mains ring to your upstaris one. It needs extra packages, extra dependencies, to compile properly. Select all mkdir rt61 Code: Post as a guest Name. In order to see the wireless configuration, now I don’t remember if this package is installed by default but try doing Code: In Ubuntu 14 the only issue I had was WiFi not working after sleep.


Good luck in resolving your problem.

RaLink RT/RT61 g Card Linux Installation

Hi arlo, these pages might help you: Try editing manually Code: The solution given to a similar problem here seems to have helped greatly but is not the accepted answer. Unfortunately, there denian too much electrical noise occurring at the junction box and so the signakl would get scramled. Picture of my wifi card:.

I booted into my old ddbian and still have the problem. But have found, since ubuntu Occasionally, after the computer has been left on for a while, the Wi-Fi connection will drop completely- I can still see networks in the drop down menu, including my home network, but my computer will not reconnect without a reboot. For more information, see interfaces 5.

Board index All times are UTC. Ok, here is how I solved my problem after trying some suggestions from wolfman r61 stevecook This answer is a compilation of previous answers, this method should be highlighted as it saved me from buying hardware. Also, I went ahead and used sed to edit the file instead of gedit because it is quicker and more impressive: I have written this specially for newbies.


Since uname -r returned 2. Sign up using Facebook. Because I had to hack a non-working MakefileI’m not deian that it ever worked perfectly. I used to use ndiswrapper all the time back in the days of Ubuntu These link up your ethernet card to your mains wiring system, via a standard plug socket, to your internet router, whoch is connected to your mains wiring by the same means.

RaLink RT2561/RT61 PCI Wireless Card Linux Installation

I can personally vouch for these as I use them myself in my own home following similar issue to yours with my degian card. I had never seen that. A better illustration of how powerline adapters work is below: Take a look at thereand helping them developing too. I can only start up again when I completly turn of my laptop