Remove the cassette from your camcorder. Page 56 You can record pictures on the tape at a selected interval. Troubleshooting If the problem persists, disconnect the AC Adaptor from the wall outlet and contact your Sony dealer. Turning the power on Page 16 – Step 4: Indicators for the LCD screen and viewfinder Following indicators will appear on the LCD screen and viewfinder to indicate the state of your camcorder.

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The settings you can adjust vary depending on the power mode of your camcorder. Charging the battery pack Touch to display PAGE1.

Playback of the photo starts automatically at the selected scene. VCR before using the following procedure. You can superimpose up to about 20 titles about dcr-c20 letters per title on a cassette with Cassette Memory. You can’t beat these things.


White Balance White Balance. White fader, monotone fader, mosaic fader, black fader. TITLE Any titles you have superimposed using this camcorder can only be viewed on a video cassette device with the index titler function. You can call Sony technicians and verify this. Turning the power on Page 16 – Step 4: If you record the picture without setting the clock, [ — ] and [ Optical Sensor Camcorder Sensor Resolution.


Recording still images — Tape photo recording You can record still images. Adjusting The Focus Manually To adjust the focus automatically Follow steps 1 to 3, then touch [ step 4.

Why settle for anything less than a Sony? This may cause a malfunction of your camcorder. The last scene of the most recent recording is played back for about 5 seconds, and the camcorder enters the standby mode at the point where the last recording has finished. You can set the date and time p. So, I’m back dxr-hc20 business again and literally have siny new digital HD cameras here that I refuse to use.

Page 42 – Playing back still images in sequence Internet Explorer Download the latest version. Wearable Tech by Marrian Zhou Sep 5, When labeling the cassette Be sure to place the label only on the locations as shown in the following illustration so as not to cause malfunction of your camcorder.


However, you cannot record a dual sound track on this camcorder.

Sony DCR-HC20 MiniDV Handycam

Slide the battery pack in the direction of the arrow until it clicks. Audio Input Audio input type.

A newer version of your browser may be available. I can’t find a single thing I dislike about it. Camcorder Effective Resolution Video Mode. The sound may deteriorate when you dub audio on a tape recorded on other camcorders including other DCR-HC20 camcorders.

Page 90 Mass approx. When recording indoors on a clear day, for instance, you can avoid backlight shadows dvr-hc20 people next to the window by manually fixing the exposure to that of the wall side of the room. The picture is not displayed in the viewfinder when the LCD panel is open. Gadgets by Marrian Zhou Oct 16,