We had considered others in the lineup, but the buzz we were hearing about this particular club was simply too much to ignore. When I play with 3 wedges, I carry the 13 and the Dec 18, 40 Comments. While not rated as highly as it was in other areas, our testers were generally quite pleased by the impact sound, though I expect the dull thud on mis-hits might have dropped the score just a bit. Rich 7 years ago. Jacobs II 7 years ago. Just played my 3rd round with my new cb4 3wood and I love it!

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ULTIMATE REVIEW! – TourEdge Exotics CB4 Fairway Woods

Last time I checked 15 yards was one club length, and I think we can or at least should agree that accuracy improves as you add loft. DeNinny, on 08 December – I only replaced the 1 gram weight by a 14 grams weight, it was that easy… Cutting a CB4 by 1 inch drop the SW of the FW from D2 to C8, would need to put 8 more grams in the head to get back at D2 or change grip for 25 grams grip or change for heavier shaft… I would be really curious to try a 42 or 41,75 inches 3 FW….


You currently have javascript disabled. As I often say, more often than not, the cg4 things that separates the little guy from the big are paint and polish. I hit the Titleist f at When I play with 3 wedges, I carry the 13 and the I’ve forgotten my password.

When you cut a vb4 wood, you alter vw swingweight of the club.

Casper told me to when I was a kid. Gentle bump on this one as thinking of upgrading my CB3 3 wood to a CB4.

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Hell Yes, it did. James 7 years ago. In the case of the CB4, while the accuracy numbers could cause some to take pause, our testers with a single exception overwhelmingly indicated that the TourEdge Exotics CB4 is for lack of a more elegant phrase, the one they want to take home to mamma.

Posted 06 February – Now that is what you call a bold statement.

TourEdge CB4 Fairway Woods – Review!

I wish I could hit a 3 wood lol. When it came time to circle numbers, however; cbb3 of our testers were a bit more stingy with their scoring. I’ve had both versions in driver and fairway and the CB4 driver is longer than the CB3 for me.


It is not the most forgiving driver, but it is long if it fits your game. Stock shaft offerings include: While our PGA C4 Professional was able to keep the club within 10 yards of the center line, everyone else struggled a bit and they knew it. Even great golfers are banging driver unless there is major trouble within out.

Still outdriving my playing partners them with drivers in hand The CB1 c4 my holy grail of three woods for tee shots, but off the deck it is tough. Sep 21, 20 Comments.

So even though I think our testers are probably being overly generous when it comes to forgiveness, considering the better player-centric design of the club, the Exotics CB4 is more forgiving than I anticipated.

I own the cb2, cb3, and cb4. My bs and I both carry a 4 wood and it is longer than nearly every other persons 3 wood. Posted 19 January – Xamilo 7 years ago. Larry 7 years ago.