Look for the triangular cut edge on socket, and the golden dot on CPU should point forwards this triangular cut edge. The IDE connector can connect a master and a slave drive, so you can connect up to two hard disk drives. This function allows user to adjust Memory voltage. The Main Menu allows you to select from several setup functions. Drive A K, 5. Welcome to our freeware PC speed test tool. How to find drivers for devices using a Hardware ID.

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Biostar Reserves the right to add or remove support for any OS with or without notice. Wait for five seconds. The following table provides more detail about how to navigate in the Setup program by using the keyboard. The fan cable and connector may be different according to the fan manufacturer. Loose parts will cause short circuits which may damage the equipment.

There is no guarantee that interference biosrar not occur in a particular installation.

Biostar 945GC Micro 775 – motherboard – micro ATX – LGA775 Socket – i945GZ Series

In this panel, you can get the real-time status information of your system. Main Panel contains features as follows: PCI-Express supports a raw bit-rate of 2.


TM2 Bus VID This option represents the voltage of the throttled performance state that will be initiated when the on-die sensor goes from miccro hot to hot. Former-Sts Restores the system to the status before power failure or interrupt occurs. Auto defaultDisabled. During Disabled, you cannot use this function.

Load Optimized Defaults This selection allows you to reload the BIOS when the system is having problems particularly with the boot sequence. How to find drivers for devices using a Hardware ID. When this area hiostar reserved it cannot be cached.

Biostar 945GC MICRO 775 Setup Manual: Clear Cmos Procedures

The setup guide will list the software available for your system, click on each software title to launch the installation program. What is quad core integer speed? Bus ratio of the throttled performance biostad that will be initiated when the on-die sensor goes from not hot to hot. The vendor makes no representations or warranties soune respect to the contents here and specially disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any purpose.

X Uscita audio 7. Keyboard lights Using even pressure on both ends of are on, power indicator lights are lit, the DIMM, press down firmly until the and hard drive is spinning.

Latest Biostar GC Micro Motherboard Drivers

Confirmation message will be displayed before proceeding. Yes defaultNo.


The system time is shortened if you disable the function, but system will need AGP driver to initialize the card. EXE under your sounv drive.

Clear Cmos Procedures – Biostar GC MICRO Setup Manual [Page 20]

This biosatr supports the provided floppy drive ribbon cables. Normal A pin in the keyboard controller controls GateA The following figures are only for reference, the screen printed in this user manual will change according to your motherboard on hand.

Disabled defaultEnabled. Power On by Ring An input signal on the serial Ring Indicator RI line in other words, an incoming call on the modem awakens the system from a soft off state.

Fast gives faster performance; and slow gives more stable performance. Disabling this option reduces the time it takes to boot-up. Re-install applications and data using backup disks. Primary defaultSecondary.

Advanced Chipset Features This submenu allows you to configure special chipset features.