The same package from Debian’s servers: Login or register to post comments 5 replies [ Last post ]. It takes a long time just for someone to volunteer to do it. I did not install the newest version because I cannot find a debian package to download. Do you know what could be wrong and how I can fix it?

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Assume psswd is correct. It is a privacy feature.

I prefer if I could get the download link. Where can I download the latest fw file?

You download from https: I hope this information is useful. If you want to install it, just run this in a root shell:.

Open firmware for ath9k_htc

Recent donations Lionel Ougier-s It used to work when I used the Trisquel Linux distribution but now when I have switched to Debian it does not work. The ar is the only libre software usb wifi card. User login Create new account. But that is the binary, not the human-readable source code!


Please read and follow the Community Guidelines. Is editing the software in order to get it compatible with debian 9 that difficult, that it reasons, that no one has done the editing? This feature is enabled in Debian 9, but not in Debian 8.

Login or register to post comments 13 replies [ Last post ]. There’s some chance this firmware is free. Also, I don’t know which source code you’re looking at, but it is a lot more than lines not that this matters.

ar firmware-ath9k-htc getting new packages? | Trisquel GNU/Linux – Run free!

The wifi card works. User login Create new account. Is debian sid main a libre software repository? Have you downloaded http: Please read and follow the Community Guidelines. This is a known bug, I’m not sure in what. I have looked at the source software in an editor. The problem is that the adapter does not light up and I get no connection.

Source Package: open-ath9k-htc-firmware (1.4.0-97-g75b3e59+dfsg-3)

Can I install the newest version without uninstalling the already installed version of the package? Last time I installed the package it was version firmware-ath9k-htc 1. I was unaware that the package hrc updates. I do not remember the exact number between the square brackets [ and ]. OK, instead of using “apt install” you can use “apt download” to give you the.


Login or register to post comments 5 replies [ Last post ]. Otherwise you may need to manually update it whenever a newer version is available. You have to run it as root. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. What should I write debian?

I do not know what packaging for debian implies.