The fan only runs when the CPU’s doing enough that it needs forced-air cooling. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Mine is Mb with Mb physical memory and 8Mb video memory. Any modern distribution of Linux should install fine on the Asus L laptops. The modem is unsupported under Linux. The system will probably not boot properly without these modules.

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Audio Output Form Factor. Summary of Contents for Asus L Page 1: Driving the speakers, though, is an Aureal Vortex chipset, which gives you A3D and DirectSound 3D positional audio compatibility with no performance hit to speak of. I o8400 of no way to have the system go into suspend mode when the lid is closed.

In addition, in between procedures, the detailed disassembly procedure of. You can play 3D games on this thing.

The modem is unsupported under Linux. This daemon will receive the events and run a shell script in reaction to the events. If you use StarOfficesome versions of the savage driver can cause X to freeze when you start StarOffice. I use the l84000.

If this is not enough, add the command hdparm -S 72 l840 your startup scripts -S 72 makes the disk spin down in 6 minutes, read hdparm 8 for detail on the number. I was able to use hardware acceleration using cvs version of DRI drivers, which was strongly unstable, so I removed it. IrDA I have no information.


Asus L8400 laptop computer

Suspend to Disk works with Linux, but does cause problems with the network adapter. Both installation and daily usage pose no major problems. There are big-name laptops with similarly unexciting battery life, but they’re usually top-flight units with the highest speed CPUs and unusually large screens. Expansion Bays Total Qty.

If might be an issue with the savage driver, but I am not sure. Another potential problem can be the –MARK– messages syslogd 8 writes to the system log, usually with 20 minutes intervals. The script must be executable to work. As most mail is delivered immediately anyway, I just have a queue run every three hours, nighttime excluded.

Even with everything spinning down and dimming and blanking and snoozing as often as possible, you still need a boat-anchor of a battery pack if you want several hours of computer use from a portable PC. And this laptop, despite its unexciting styling, is actually an unusually good piece of gear.

December 27, Comments Not all L have the same sound card. I have experimented with other settings, but certain combinations can cause the system awus hang. Max MB module. Reasons Why I Hate Laptops: Remove the Charge board no.


The rules usually read something like “up to five bright or ten dark subpixels, with no adjacent pairs of dark subpixels, no more than three clusters of two bright subpixels, and not more than two bright or ten dark subpixels in any 10mm diameter circle”.

The size of the hibernation partition l88400 be the size of physical memory plus the size of video memory plus a bit extra. Turn the notebook over.

Review: Asus L laptop computer

Please do not disassemble the module. Work, play and everything in between, it’s all better on a bigger screen with great tools to ashs your experience. There is a sourceforge project but it did not always work either.

So you could run the thing from a 16 cell NiCd nickel cadmium or NiMH nickel metal hydride external battery pack, if you wanted to save some money and get a bit more capacity. I am having ll8400 minor problems with X-windows. Made to please creative pros Debuting just ahead of CESthe updated two-in-one gets a premium redesign and improved pen functionality.