Please, inform me prices and some Q details of this drivers, and more a Freq x dB graphic if you have on hand, for compare this both drivers response x price. You now the speakers very well, what is your experience in this regard? I could not find this speaker with a simple Google search. Not only does it sound fantastic, but it also blends in perfectly with modern living room designs. I can find no reference to format.

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Thus optically way less massive than big multi-way speakers, Goldy absolutely keeps up with these systems.

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Goldy is the epilogue to upcoming BBX-based peakers. Schweiz Hello, Thanks for the phonecall. Nevertheless, it is subject, like all foams to an unstoppable chemical decomposition, which may be accelerated by environmental influences. The AER are Lowthers made right.

Listener reactions Dear Sirs, I read some articles regarding the quality true full ranges.

review33 – 影音天地: 請問邊到買到AER driver?想用MD-3B

I have been informed by Mr. See our other membership options.

Please send us your export prices on all the products. The Gibson Studio fleur de lys has never sounded like that Refoaming is the exchange of the beading that connects the membrane and the basket with one another.


This means that the driver is completely dismantled, magnet and cast basket are cleaned, and all parts such as membrane, voice coil carrier, the coil and beading are replaced by new ones. I’m quite happy with the sound when I’m listening to small ensembles and female singers but when it comes to Balkan brass the sound is not as detailed, clear and involving as I would expect it to be.

I’ ve got a brand new speaker. The Excenter is a new horn speaker which not only looks unique, but sounds unique. Wollte schon immer die Originale haben! Not only does it sound fantastic, but it also blends in perfectly with modern living room designs.

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AER “b”-Series for Singular? Bad Sooden Deutschland Good evening! Da lobe ich mir bislang meine alten “S. I let you informed. Since parts such as basket and magnet are basically not aging, you will get not only get a good as new driver, but also one that is at the cutting edge of the vibrating parts technology. We use our own and third party cookies.

,d1b Service Upgrade and Repairing. Thanks Mike, these samples sound great: Their sound is good though and better than the AERmkI in some ways for use in the Singular but other things need to addressed first before I will suggest them as optimal driver for the Singular.


The depth, dynamics and sonority of the back-loaded horn, the new BD 4 high-performance driver and the front-loaded excenter horn make this speaker a unique analog reference system converting the living space into a concert hall.

Not your traditional Klezmer music, but very enjoyable! I am selling a pair of almost new AER Mk1 fullrange drivers.

Especially Track 4 ;o I love playing this music LOUD in the car on hot days with the windows open and frightening the sheisen out of cyclists: Here, the driver is dismantled, cleaned and examined for any errors. I need to install them into my speakers. Best regards, Majid J. Back to the forum index. BySan Francisco was the tenth largest city in the nation. In this version, the old driver is replaced with the latest most modern driver.

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