Ive tried a bunch of options to try and fix this.. Jack Herbic Hey thanks for this work, just downloaded today fixed my problems for Banjo. I have used a simple renaming scheme so they can all be stored in the same directory. If anyone knows how to make gameshark codes then maybe they can make a press gs button to levitate to get around the platforms you need to levitate up to the doors you need to go and open them. Your work on the video plugins for N64 is just purely amazing. I work on personal projects as a form of technical enjoyment and enrichment that I don’t get elsewhere, their overall success is not as important as making something I like.

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Project64, Mupen64, and are great examples, because they all have a folder in their directory named “Plugin”. Project64 authors do not want their plugins distributed outside of the emulator’s setup files, but the setup files may be redistributed as long v10. they are not modified. Also it was very nice of you to release the plugins and update the old project 64 emulator.

n64/psx adaptoid problem

It was sad to go back to Emutalk for the first time in Jabo 81 This update gives the plugins a bit more polish in many games which I’m very happy with. This update is not part of an official project release. In any event, thanks for your hard work. Jabo I joined the project probably almost 15 years ago, but I know it existed prior to that even for a few years.


I downloaded the file and everything, and it downloads fine and when I click for it to launch it loads the game I downloaded and I can play. If Jabo tells me it is a waste of time or effort to pursue trying to use custom pixel shader effects with a dx8 plugin then I will accept that view and forget the idea completely.

Yoshistar95 88 Same happened to me, but it was on a virtual computer and I use a real one. Set in exactly the same way as “Analogue Stick” “Digital” [4 buttons and indicators] This is the d-pad 4 way direction pad, cross-pad on the left of an N64 controller. Just search on google “Ocarina of Time V1. So I recommend plubin who wants to play PD use the American version, despite it having resolution issues.

Zane “It’s a windows installer patch, don’t like pluhin

Emmasaurus Hey, just wanted to say thanks mate. Yoshistar95 70 Maybe you should update your graphic card.

Mucky Solver 93 Thanks Jabo, what you done is really useful for us If I want to switch back from fullscreen via Esc, the entire windows freezes but PJ64 is not freezing For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


The work going into PJ64 nowadays is pretty good since going open source, if you ever have free time come check it out https: Probably the most accurate audio plugin in existence by Azimer. Experiment Project Supporter Senior Member.

N64 Plugins Pack ReadMe

Jabo 9 I haven’t tried it out but: Each is identical, but the four players correspond to the four physical ports on an N64 system, so you usually must use Player1 for a single player game, Player1 and Player2 for a two player game and so on. Im using a gamecube controller if that matters. I’ve downloaded this several times on different pc’s and your patch rocks it. Azimer’s HLE Audio v0. Mason The patch doesn’t do anything.

Installing plugins is a very simple process. For example I recently ported Jnes to Android, which I’ve enjoyed a lot.

PJ64 is really a great emulator! Lorddard 53 Anyone familiar with the N64 game “Body Harvest”? Charlie Umm Im worried if this is safe or not.


JunielKatarn Hi Jabo.