The categories themselves are ordered by popularity. Li-on Works Do shutdown, reboot works [71]: To patch for ALC, use exact content from code. All Solution or GTX check here: Why do you use an EFI string? MareS, you’re off topic, open your own thread please. Installed by iatkos s3 v2, option:

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Have to use crappy Realtek software. Snow R required for Bonjour to work Shutdown and reboot works. Sleep, restart, and shutdown are all functional. Intel Core i, 2. Installed using Boot Think 3.

System reboots upon entering graphics mode with onboard video enabled. Vanilla 32 Not able to work with 64bits kernel Graphic: It seems that with the Sierra Apple could remove support for this card, because it is a very old card and Hackintksh introduced the generally higher requirements for Sierra.


Out of the box Audio: Works with OpenHaltRestart kext Graphics: Check my post in this thread for details. Installed by iatkos s3 v2, option: However, instructions for editing the.

HCL 10.6.0

Reboot with -s and when it says root type this: Sleep Install method retail osx snow At the end of the install process, Snow Leopard returned an error that said it was unable to finish the install tried twice. Snow Leopard 10A Ok Installed from running To enable in 64bit mode used 64bit atheros kext and added device ID. Intel Pentium E Dual Core 2.

Out of the box working without sound using Lifehacker’s install guide click me Added the ALCA kext for sound Used the OSx86 Universal Installer to get the video card and two monitors working properly.

AR chip – does not work at all, used hacjintosh cheap supported ethernet card instead.

Nvidia GeForce GT works OK with Sierra? – nVidia – InsanelyMac Forum

Intel Core2Quad Q 2,7 Ghz. I use GT and work. Works great with patch to plist file. First to mention that i found everything i needed at this site [10] Installation method: No used script [96]. Please keep alphabetical order inside the categories.


VoodooHDA also works, but not consistently jackintosh noise after waking from sleep. CPU Intel Q 2. All Solution or GTX check here: Monitor connected via DVI. How to patch the file – edit the contents of info. This guide allows for an easy upgrade to If you see “-x32”, remove it.

Successfully updated to